Keeping Children Engaged and Stimulated these School Holidays

And just like that, Term 1 is over and the school holidays are about to start!
For different families this can mean different things – for some, it’s a time to have a break from the usual day-to-day routine, and for others it’s a juggle with work and keeping children stimulated, engaged and happy. No matter which type of family you are in, a quality school holiday program can often be just the ticket to an extra fun couple of weeks!

Quality School Holiday Programs for Children

If you’re a childcare centre or kindergarten, you might consider running your own school holiday program to support families in your community. Parents, looking into school holiday programs can be a great way to give children an enjoyable social experience during the Term break.
At Bonkers Beat Music Kinder, our school holiday program invites children to join in exploring the great outdoors and crunching those Autumn leaves. Plus, children will be amazed as we experience the hatching of baby chicks, perfectly themed with Easter too!

Activities for School Holidays

If a school holiday program is not an option for you as a parent or as a centre, there are lots of other activities to try that won’t break the bank. We’ve compiled a bunch that can suit any weather, budget and mood.


1. Make something yummy to eat – sweet cupcakes or savoury pizza
2. Get dressed up and dance to music or role play
3. Create a self-portrait
4. Create a portrait of someone else
5. Get artsy with a craft project using paper, glue, pencils, feathers, wool etc
6. Build a fort/cubby under a table
7. Do a room clean out and discover some forgotten toys


8. Have a picnic in the backyard or at a park or beach (even a pretend picnic)
9. Fly a kite (make your own!)
10. Do some gardening – get all the weeds out or even plant something like herbs
11. Go on a treasure hunt! Try this nature hunt list.
12. Get out a ball and work on your throwing, catching or kicking


13. Head to the library (sign up is free and there are often community activities too)
14. Catch a train or bus somewhere
15. Plan a visit to the zoo
16. Visit your local shopping centre – they might have some school holiday activities too
17. Plan a day at a museum
18. Take a nature walk

Quiet Time

19. Find a nice space to do some reading (books from the library perhaps?)
20. Watch a movie
21. Tackle a jigsaw puzzle
22. Play a board game
23. Play cards (snap, go fish, memory or pairs)
24. Try meditation to unwind after a busy day – here are some tips
Download the free printable version of these activities here. You could even cut them into strips and put them in a hat to pull out when children need something entertaining to do!

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