Kindy Uplift Program

Kindy Uplift Program, QLD - Bonkers Beat Music Programs (Using Kodaly and Orff)

From 2024, the Queensland Government is increasing its investment in early childhood education, inviting all approved kindergarten providers to participate in Kindy Uplift.

If you’ve received your Kindy Uplift Funding, and are looking for a range of programs and professional learning, Bonkers Beat Music Programs are the right choice.

Why Bonkers Beat?

The Bonkers Beat Music Programs put music at the core of early childhood education. The programs use the approaches of Kodály and Orff, to enhance children’s development and help prepare them for life. 

Bonkers Beat programs improve children’s health, overall wellbeing, boost children’s school readiness, support educators professional development, help services to connect with families and develop collaborative partnerships with communities.

The programs provide opportunities for parents to use educational resources at home which further improves children’s participation and developmental benefits. 

Priority Areas

Bonkers Beat programs and training align with all 6 Priority Areas of the Kindy Uplift Program.

Starter Program

Online Music Training Course: $297

The Starter Program consists of 5 modules which explain why music is important, and how to integrate music into the curriculum.

The 5 modules of the Starter Program demonstrate how to use: 

  • musical experiences to enhance a curriculum
  • transitional songs during daily routines
  • art experiences to make learning visible
  • rhymes and musical games to support children’s social and emotional skills
  • effective documentation to reflect on children’s progress.

The program provides:

A five-module online music training course (20 to 35 minutes each)

Access to online video recordings of five Bonkers Beat songs

Mentor support

Certificate of completion of the Starter Program

Bonkers Beat Online Training

Bonkers Beat Music Program Online: $2,850

The Bonkers Beat Online Training Music Program provides exceptional opportunities that improve developmental outcomes for children and their families at the highest level. 

The program offers:

12-month membership and training online

5-module online music training course – ‘Starter Program’

Monthly interactive group support sessions via Skype

‘Bonkers Beat & You’ music album CD                                                             

A book with 10 traditional and 10 ‘transitional’ songs                                 

Access to online video recordings of all songs from the ‘Bonkers Beat & You’ CD

Lesson guides for all songs from the ‘Bonkers Beat & You’ CD                 

Songs in PDF format with links to the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework

Newsletters for parents/carers with transitional songs                             

Access to members only closed group on Facebook                                     

A weekly blog                                                                                                           

Bonkers Beat Music PLUS Training

Program Online Live: $2,950 – $5,950 package per service per year

Bonkers Beat is a proven music program which has been successfully implemented in services across Australia since 2012. It has demonstrated outstanding results for children in areas of communication (language development), wellbeing (social and emotional capability), physicality (gross, fine motor development, strength, coordination), thinking and responding, inclusion and access.

The program:

  • is developed by an early childhood and music educator with 40 years experience
  • is based on the renowned teachings of Kodaly and Orff, and combines traditional songs with original music composed by Galina Zenin
  • is embedded in the curriculum every day for every child
  • provides educators with comprehensive and ongoing training via bi-annual Wellness Summits and online platforms
  • provides educational and music resources to families, to continue the daily practices children learn in the service, and extend learning at home.

This program offers:

12-month membership and online training

A five-module online music training course (as per the ‘Starter Program’)

Interactive group sessions for educators via Zoom (once a Term)

Support for room leaders

‘Bonkers Beat & You’ music album 

A book with 10 traditional and 10 ‘transitional’ songs

Access to online video recordings of the ‘Bonkers Beat & Me’ music album 

Lesson guides for all songs from the ‘Bonkers Beat & You’ music album

Songs in PDF format with links to the EYLF and NQF

Educational resources for all songs

Newsletters for parents/carers with transitional songs

Access to members only closed group

A weekly blog

Workshops / Music & Wellbeing Support for Educators & Families

Workshops for Educators and Workshops for families (Harmony Nights) are designed to share important information as well as equip participants with practical tools.

Educators and/or parents are encouraged to submit specific questions which are used to customize the presentation.

Workshops offer research findings and empower participants to explore different music and wellbeing strategies, to use in classrooms and at home. These workshops lead to more collaborative relationships and boost all seven Quality Areas of NQS. 

Harmony Nights inspire educators and families to introduce and use music and wellbeing techniques throughout the day and at home. 

These workshops promote music and wellbeing, and foster positive relationships between families and a service. 


Use of Bonkers Beat Programs, including online and offline training, has demonstrated remarkable results for children and educators.

Through high-quality professional and personal development, educators:

  • Enhanced their own wellbeing
  • Boosted their confidence
  • Improved their leadership skills
  • Connected with children
  • Promoted healthy habits
  • Improved children’s wellbeing


The Bonkers Beat program is an inclusive practice, which stimulates the learning and strengthening of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives. 

The programs support services to create culturally safe, inclusive and responsive environments. Daily musical experiences, lead by educators, enhance in children:

  • Brain development and executive function
  • Social and emotional development
  • Physical and overall wellbeing
  • Language and communication skills 
  • Cognitive and numeracy skills


2010 – Bonkers Beat Music Program selected for the DEECD Innovation Showcases (VIC)

2011 – Bonkers Beat Wellbeing Program selected for the DEECD Innovation Showcases (VIC)

2018 – Bonkers Beat Music Kinder & Childcare Aspendale awarded an ‘Excellent’ rating by ACECQA

2019 – Bonkers Beat Music Programs included in the School Readiness Funding Menu, Department of Education (VIC)

Bonkers Beat songs are available on

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