Lady Gowrie Cooroy Community Kindergarten – Queensland

The visit to the Lady Gowrie Cooroy Community Kindergarten in Queensland was another great experience.
The settings were all lovely – and the outdoors are such a sight to behold! Everything was set up beautifully.  The frog garden is fantastic; surrounded by beautiful trees.  There was also a stage in the middle of the garden.  Galina liked the idea of the little creek in the mudplay area/sandpit.

Bonkers is looking relaxed as he watches the fish swim.
A very lovely handicraft by the children… Absolutely special!

The children were incredibly independent and worked with lots of interest and enthusiasm.  
It was great to find out that such a huge variety of music and yoga, which is extremely important for children’s development, are used in their program.
Big thanks to Diana for spending her time and showing them around.  We look forward to staying in touch and will be delighted to show our Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale as well.

Thank you, Diana!

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