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Leaders’ Beat — New Online ECE Magazine!

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes here at Bonkers… Not only in the face of the ongoing pandemic challenges and our own obstacles, but we’ve been busy putting together something special for you all…

We are finally ready to introduce to you, the brand new online early childhood education magazine Leaders’ Beat! Access the first issue here.

This magazine is designed especially for you — the leaders within our vital early childhood education and care sector. We will deliver high value content that will support you and inform you in thriving in early childhood leadership.

Just as we believe businesses today are different and evolving, so too is the way we consume information. We have worked hard to make this online magazine as easy to access as possible, and you will find that it can be clearly and simply read on the go via your smartphone. No app needed — just tap a link, scroll down to read and swipe across to get to the next story. Alternatively, if you prefer you can read the magazine on a tablet or a desktop.

You don’t know it yet, but it’s important that we let you know that you have already contributed to the creation of this new online magazine…

This project has grown from the ideas, challenges, feedback and experiences of you all as Early Childhood Educational Leaders, Childcare Centre Owners and Managers and your teams. For 15 years we have been listening to and learning with you all. Your passion, your dedication and your innovation inspire in many ways, and the Leaders’ Beat magazine is just one of them!

This first issue is short and sweet, but it is just the beginning. We can’t wait to get your feedback so we can continue to create a high-quality online publication that supports, informs and entertains each and every leader in the early childhood sector that we love so dearly.

Access the first issue of Leaders’ Beat here!

Don’t forget to let us know what you think. Email your feedback and ideas to [email protected] or send us a message on your preferred social media platform.

 We hope you enjoy the brand new Leaders’ Beat online magazine!

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