Let’s Celebrate the Early Childhood Profession

The Early Childhood profession is one of the most crucial and complex vocations in our society. It helps lay the foundation for education, wellbeing and discovery for the rest of a child’s life. 

By providing a wonderful, nurtured start to life, families can enjoy their days with the confidence that their precious children are flourishing in exceptional care. High quality Early Childhood Educators make an impact on an even bigger scale by contributing to shaping the next generation in society.

Children learn about the world and express themselves through different languages, and from many sources: they hear about what’s going on in the world through social media, friends, and  adult conversation. Early Childhood Educators are front leaders when it comes to shaping growing minds and creating responsible, resilient, good-hearted and strong young citizens. 

By discussing with children, and demonstrating core human values and rights of all people, Early Childhood Educators create a brighter future.

We ask everyone to join us for a big celebration on Wednesday 1 September 2021 and say a huge Thank you to all Early Childhood Educators! 

While the day recognises the work of all educators across Australia, it can also be an opportunity to reach out personally to the  people who have been in your life. Centres, parents, children, carers – everyone! 

Here are a few ways you and your children can be a part of celebrating this Early Childhood Educators’ Day:

Acrostic poem: An acrostic poem is a fun way to get children involved. Write the educator’s name down the left side of a piece of paper, or a card, and next to each letter come up with a word that helps to describe that person. For example, patience , kindness, fun, being silly, playing, cuddles – I’m sure there are plenty of thoughtful words to include.

Make a video: A video of children and parents saying thank you to your educators is a great  way to celebrate your centre’s incredible team. You can even just ask families to send in a short video filmed on their phone, then edit them all together with an app or program like iMovie or WeVideo. A beautiful montage of thank you’s is sure to make educators feel appreciated!

Awards ceremony: Host an award ceremony at your service, with children designing their own trophies for each educator! Keep it fun with awards like ‘Most likely to give the best hugs’ or ‘Best voices when reading stories’.

Why not post your ‘thank you’ creations to social media to celebrate Early Childhood Educators’ Day with a bigger audience!

By sharing in his crucial period of children’s development, along with their families, means that Early Childhood Educators contribute to shaping the way a child learns, sees the world and engages with it. Early Childhood Education lays the foundation for a child’s lifelong love of learning, and for that let’s all say a huge Thank You!

Watch the video below which was created by the Bonkers Beat community.

If you would like to learn more about Early Childhood Educators’ Day, visit earlychildhoodeducatorsday.org.au.

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