Making Mother’s Day Special

Families are such an important part of our lives so why not make the most of a special day dedicated to celebrating them. Mother’s Day takes place on the second Sunday of May, meaning it falls on Sunday 8 May in 2022. Now is the time to start making plans to make mums, grandmothers and the special women in children’s lives know just how much they mean to us all!

At early childhood education services we are surrounded by mothers and women who dedicate their time to caring for children. This includes children’s carers who drop them off and pick them each day, and of course so many inspiring educators. 

The women in our lives are the ones who brought us all into the world. What can you possibly gift to someone who gives the gift of life?! There are so many beautiful ways we can say thank you and acknowledge the hard work, passion and love shared by wonderful women who play a special role in children’s lives. 

Every mum is unique

The beauty of mothers is often in their uniqueness – as such, each child may have a different idea of how they would like to let their mum know that they love them. For some children, it may not be a mum who is the special lady they want to celebrate — grandmothers, aunts or family friends can all have a part of a child’s heart. 

Get talking with children and find out before embarking on a production line of love heart cards – let’s make sure we open up to children’s ideas. 

The gift of a poem: ‘My Mum’

As a gift from us to help you celebrate, please feel free to download our poem, ‘My Mum’ — it is always treasured by children and mums and we know you find it is sweet and meaningful as a part of your Mother’s Day celebrations. We always recite this poem with actions – they are quite obvious but if you’re not sure, create your own!

Mother’s Day celebrations in early childhood settings

At Bonkers Beat in Aspendale, we celebrate Mother’s Day with children and their mum or special female role model at our service by hosting a morning event. Breakfast is on offer and children do a music presentation and recite a poem for mums before giving them a hand-crafted gift. When putting together your Mother’s Day event, try to make sure it’s at a time that will allow for maximum attendance. For example, the beginning of the day before work makes it far more accessible for working mums to attend.

To all the mums and special women, we say thank you and Happy Mother’s Day in advance – you are all so appreciated and loved!

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