Making Mums Feel Special on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday 9 May, which means it’s time to do something special for the mums or special women in our lives. Mother’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900s and was started by a woman named Anna Jarvis. Anna wanted to create a day of celebration to express love and gratitude for mums and honour the sacrifices women make for their children. This tradition still continues, 120 years later with many more to come.

In this blog, we will share a few ideas of how children can make mums and other special women in their lives smile this Mother’s Day. Being inclusive is important, so be mindful of each individual child’s unique circumstances and adapt your Mother’s Day activities to suit grandmothers, aunts, and
step-mothers too.

Say it with poetry: Hearing a child recite a poem about mum is just beautiful. Whether they learn a poem to recite at an event or save it to read at home on Sunday, poetry is a beautiful form of expression. Enjoy this special gift from Bonkers the Monkey – our poem ‘My Mum’.

Mum questionnaire: This is often a highlight for mums of children who are in early childhood and kindergarten. Asking the children to answer questions about their mums or special person can result in some great responses. From sweet observations, that only a child could make, to outright hilarious perspectives, help children fill out something like this as a perfect keepsake.

Host a Mother’s Day event at your service: At Bonkers Beat in Aspendale, we celebrate Mother’s Day with children and their mum or special female role model at our service by hosting a morning event. Breakfast is on offer and children do a music presentation and recite a poem for mums before giving them a hand-crafted gift. When putting together your Mother’s Day event, try to make sure it’s at a time that will allow for maximum attendance. For example, the beginning of the day before work makes it far more accessible for working mums to attend.

Portraits of mum: A child’s paintings are always warmly received, but this time let’s get children to paint a portrait of mum! You might like to get them to copy a photo or specify that they just do faces or put mum in a scene of their choice. Seeing how children creatively express this is sure to be fun and adorable.

Have fun celebrating Mother’s Day and don’t forget to download our gift to you, the poem ‘My Mum’.

To all the mums and special women, we say thank you – you are appreciated and loved!

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