Optimising children’s development through educators’ wellbeing

As early childhood education professionals, we’re all committed to children’s development. It’s fair to say that we all put that at the top of our priority list. In doing this, we can sometimes forget to focus on educators, or on ourselves.
When we talk about wellbeing in early childhood, we’re often talking about children’s wellbeing. And so we should, because enhancing the wellbeing of children is the key to optimising their development on so many levels. In fact, approaching early childhood education with a wellbeing focus enables us to enhance children’s development across many crucial areas.

Developmental impact of a wellbeing focus:

SOCIAL WELLBEING: Can facilitate teamwork; increase self-esteem; build confidence; embed social skills
PHYSICAL WELLBEING: Can encourage physical activity; reduce muscle tension; stimulates feel-good hormone; boost immunity
EMOTIONAL WELLBEING: Can have a calming effect; improve ability to understand and regulate emotions, reduce negative feelings; uplift the spirit
A wellbeing focus can even go beyond this for children’s services. It can also provide a pathway to improve the wellbeing of educators, and this can have a remarkable impact for individuals, centres and children.
At our recent Wellness Summits as part of the Bonkers Beat programs, early childhood expert Heather Barnes (OAM) presented and shared some valuable insight into the importance of educators’ wellbeing.

Heather notes the profound positive impact of wellbeing practices that encourage self-reflection, empowerment and team-building. It sounds like a lot to work on, but in reality, these can be achieved through a combination of professional development and a strategy committed to everyone’s wellbeing within child care services. And why wouldn’t you, when a wellbeing focus will transform every aspect of your centre for the better!
Wellbeing (along with music!) is the focus of our practice and the Bonkers Beat curriculum . The results we see in the wellbeing and empowerment of our educators and in turn the development and wellbeing of our children are powerful. If you’re free this Saturday and are able to be in Aspendale, Victoria, please feel free to join us at our Open Day at the Bonkers Beat Music Kinder. You will see firsthand as we demonstrate our music and wellbeing practices.
P.S.It’s also our 10 Year Anniversary celebration! We will be celebrating this milestone and raising money to help Aussie farmers through some tough times with donation opportunities on the day.
EVENT: Bonkers Beat 10 Year Anniversary Open Day
WHERE: 49 Laura Street, Aspendale, Victoria
WHEN: Saturday 30 March, 10am – 12pm

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