An Early Childhood Education Breakthrough!

Award winning music and wellbeing programs that help attract and
keep families at your centre, even in today’s competitive market.

An Early Childhood Education Breakthrough!

Award winning music and wellbeing programs that help attract and
keep families at your centre, even in today’s competitive market.

An Early Childhood Education Breakthrough!

Award winning music and well being programs that help attract and keep families at your centre, even in today’s competitive market.

Experience the Joy of Bonkers Beat!

Early Childhood Education


Done for you resources make the Bonkers Beat program easy to learn & implement which gives your centre the competitive edge to boost enrollments and retention.

Early Childhood Education


Education at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder builds your child’s confidence, enhances IQ and opens the door to the world of learning and wonder!

What Is Bonkers Beat?

Originally launched as a way to introduce children from ages 2 to 6 to learning and development through music, Bonkers Beat is now an award-winning curriculum used by childcare services around Australia.

This unique and innovative program empowers educators and provides young children with an enjoyable way of learning through play.
When you introduce Bonkers Beat to your centre, you’ll notice how happy and engaged the children are and how you quickly become more sought after in your area.

As well as winning numerous awards and being featured in national media including television, in 2018 Bonkers Beat was included by the Department of Education and Training (Victoria) on the School Readiness Funding Initiative.

Early Childhood Education

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Listen to our Bonkers Beat Favourite Songs Here!

1. Bananas Blues

2. Bonkers Beat

3. Sing a Song

4. Sing Hello

Bonkers Beat Channel

Educational and Interactive Music, Videos, and Activities for Kids.

Why Bonkers Beat?

Unique Program

Dynamic, engaging and fun, based on catchy original songs by Galina Zenin, Bonkers Beat makes every day an adventure for children and educators.

Highly Sought-after

Childcare centres that implement the Bonkers Beat programs have a competitive edge and typically experience higher occupancy.


Bonkers Beat has been recognised at state, national and international levels as a leading early childhood program.

Great for Educators

Motivated staff are attracted to Bonkers Beat because it offers a more dynamic way to engage with young children.

Easy to Implement

Learning the Bonkers Beat is easy! All the resources are provided to help you understand how it works and master the songs

Loved by Parents

Drop offs are easy and stress free because, thanks to Bonkers Beat, children can’t wait to get to childcare and start their day

School Readiness Funding Approved

Our Online (Silver) program has the tick of approval for School Readiness Funding by the Department of Education (Victoria, Australia)

Boost NQS Rating

Running  the Bonkers Beat program can help boost NQS rating of your centre and increase demand from new families.

Loved by Kids!

The happy faces and clapping hands you see makes you proud to offer this unique music and wellbeing program

Choose Your Program


Music & Wellbeing - Best Value

You get access to everything Bonkers Beat offers: all the training and resources, live events, management support, educational resources for parents, music, wellbeing programs and more.

Music Plus

Music Training - Most Popular

Chosen by more educators, you get the songs, music and resources needed to help your service stand out and create an educational centre children and families love!


Music Training - Easy Kickstart

Now available via School Readiness Funding (Victoria) you get access to the Bonkers Beat Program online to enhance your curriculum and kick start your centre’s enrolments.

What Owners, Educators & Parents Say...

 “I love Bonkers because we have this music and we get to connect with what she’s doing at home. We get to connect with the service as well which makes us feel happier to know what our child is doing.”
“What I really love is that Bonkers Beat involves music every single day. My child comes here and when he comes home and he puts the music on, his eyes light up and he starts doing the movements and the actions and he tries to get us involved and it’s just beautiful.”


What Parents Say

“Today’s Wellness Summit was amazing. We had such a great time. We got to experience new experiences. We got to enjoy the new songs that are on the second CD which was amazing. We got to have a few guest speakers which we’re really excited to see. We learned a lot. We got to do some massage and we also got to look at the new that’s happening and how we can incorporate Bonkers into our program.”


– Melissa Hope

“It’s really lovely to have so many like-minded educators together be passionate about music. For us, the kids at our center love having Bonkers.
It’s a steal having magic be part of their lives and that’s why we love it so much.
My children love Bonkers and the good thing about it is we have amazing themes to develop and it’s a very versatile program. The children love the magic, the fun, and they look forward to it.
We’re both educators at Bonkers Beat in Aspendale. And we’ve been inspired by the two speakers that have been here today. Practical, thoughtful experiences that we can implement in our centre.”


Summits 2017

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