Practical Tools ECEC Services Need to Kick Off Term 2

For many, a new term is a chance to reset and start off fresh. This can mean different things for different early childhood education services. 

It could be a room refresh or changing up the outdoor spaces. It might mean exploring some different strategies in the way you approach aspects of your curriculum. Or it might mean trying something entirely new for your service.

From our perspective, we thought it was the perfect time to offer you a free trial to the Bonkers Beat programs!

This way, instead of just experimenting you can make some meaningful changes in your service that are proven to actually get positive outcomes for you, your team and the children in your care. 

The award-winning Bonkers Beat programs are loved across Australia, and for good reason: they get results. 

If you feel like now is the time to:

Boost your centre’s occupancy

Empower your educators

Enhance every aspect of children’s development

Improve your NQS Rating

Plus a whole lot more, the Bonkers Beat programs are ready-to-embed in your service. Oh, and you gain exclusive access to our Wellness Summits too:

Get the most from Term 2 and enjoy FREE access for 30 days here.

Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria Conference 

Also, this is a quick reminder that the Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria (ACAV) Conference IMMERSE 23 is coming up this weekend, here is the AGENDA.

If you are able, then do yourself a favour and attend this notable event on the early childhood education sector calendar. 

And if you do head along, make sure you catch my session on Day 2 at 12.30: ‘Experience the Joy of Bonkers Beat Holistic Approach’.

 You can stop by and visit Bonkers Beat at exhibition booth 14 too. 

For those curious about Bonkers Beat, but wanting to chat about it in person, this is the ideal opportunity. We’d love to see your friendly faces and share more insights with you about what Bonkers Beat can bring to your service.

To recap, you can sign up for a FREE 30 day Bonkers Beat trial here.

And familiarise yourself with the impressive ACAV IMMERSE 23 conference program here.

Let’s take on Term 2 together! 

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