Australian Aboriginal Symbols (Play-dough mats)

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Australian Aboriginal Symbols play-dough mats are a perfect resource to embed indigenous perspectives and celebrate cultural diversity in any Early Childhood, kindergarten, school setting or at home. 

Encourage children to follow the pattern and decorate the symbols. To boost imagination and creativity, use a wide range of materials including hand-made play-doh, paint, rocks, stones, sticks, leaves or coloured sand. While doing this activity, children will develop coordination, concentration and also learn the meaning of different Aboriginal symbols.

Perfect hands-on experience for children from 2 to 8 years of age. 

These Play-doh mats make the learning process fun and engaging. Use this resource to stimulate fine motor skills and increase interaction with children in Early Childhood settings and homeschool learning environments. Cultivate the ability to appreciate shapes, patterns, colours and creativity. 


10 reviews for Australian Aboriginal Symbols (Play-dough mats)

  1. yana

    great resources

  2. Jennifer Dalgleish

    They look like they will appeal to children

  3. Jodi Ann Parker

    fantastic resources

  4. Hayley Cummins

    Five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️

  5. Hayley Cummins


  6. Melanie Weeden

    They look great

  7. Prema


  8. Jeevika

    Amazing resources

  9. Gayani

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Danielle

    Great resource, thanks for sharing.

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