Let’s Celebrate (Printables & MP3 Song)

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‘Let’s Celebrate’ is a great song with actions and Auslan signs. It is an original song written by Galina Zenin and can be introduced in early children’s settings or used at home. The song features greetings in different languages and comes with an educational pack. It can be used throughout the year with children for different celebrations including birthdays! 

Get ‘Let’s Celebrate’ printables and encourage children to dance and sing while incorporating Auslan signs and learning different cultures. 

‘Let’s Celebrate’ educational pack is highly educational, fun and is recommended for children from 2 to 8 years of age. 

 ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Resources Pack includes:

– MP3 file of ‘Let’s Celebrate’ song
– Multicultural celebrations (literacy cards)
– Multicultural celebrations (matching cards)
– Multicultural greetings (literacy cards)
– Diversity faces (matching cards)
– Count the candles and count the numbers (count and paste activity)
– Numbers 1-10 ( play-dough mats)

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Areas of curriculum: celebrations and festive seasons around the world, greetings in different languages, social identity, cultural diversity, social development, different cultures, traditional costumes, international foods, different cuisines, physical and musical development.

Objectives & Teaching Aim: developing social skills, sense of identity, sense of belonging, language, cultural diversity, fine motor skills, coordination, concentration, steady beat, memory, singing in tune.

‘Let’s Celebrate’ Song Preview


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