Reaping the Rewards of Reading

We all have a book from our childhood that has special significance, perhaps even several that we treasure and love to revisit even now. The joy of stories and reading is something that Bonkers Beat truly believes in and this is why we are so excited to celebrate Book Week 2014.
The obvious benefit of reading to and with children is the development of great reading ability, but reading also assists in the development of bonding, thinking and numeracy skills. The slogan for this year’s Book Week is ‘Connect to reading ~ Reading to connect’, and is explained beautifully on the Children’s Book Council of Australia website:
“Connect to reading is about enjoying the experience of exploring story, and travelling to other worlds. The reflected slogan Reading to connect, has a broader social meaning, suggesting that reading assists in creating a bond with others. Within the world of the contemporary child, this is also relevant as they read books and they read to connect through a variety of media.”
At Bonkers Beat we often encourage children to act out stories that we read – we’d love to hear your ideas for celebrating Book Week, so please share with us over on our Facebook page!
Following this brilliant week of book celebration is a week to celebrate the core areas of education – from August 25 – 31 Australia will enjoy National Literacy and Numeracy Week (NLNW).
The NLNW website is exceptional and offers a range of useful resources and activities to incorporate Numeracy and Literacy themes into your week. For numeracy activities use this link:; and for literacy activities head here:

It’s a busy couple of weeks for literacy and numeracy! What a perfect opportunity these educational weeks present for us to put a focus on these areas and continue to reignite the passion for learning in each child… and ourselves!

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