Reflecting and Celebrating Educators’ Achievements in Term 2 2020

Whilst it’s easy to feel that 2020 just isn’t what anyone had hoped it would be, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate the people around us. For many of us, educators have been our rocks who we have been able to depend on while everything else seemed to be out of control. As we head into Term 3, we felt it an opportune time to give a special mention of appreciation to educators across the country.

Many educators continued to work in centres, supporting families working in other essential sectors, working from home or homeschooling older children. Some families were juggling a combination of all of these. Many educators have families of their own and are home schooling in between providing high quality care and early childhood education to the littlest members of our communities.

In some cases where centres have been closed or some families have chosen not to attend, educators have gone above and beyond to provide at-home learning experiences for children. At Bonkers Beat we have been in awe of our educators commitment to recording story times, music, yoga, meditation and more. These experiences were not only shared with the children from our centre who are staying home for now, but also to provide stimulating learning activities  for children Australia-wide via our Facebook group, Music Kinder at Home.

From Montessori to Reggio inspired art experiences, to routine suggestions for families at home, outside explorations to guided yoga, educators have worked tirelessly to provide resources to make the best of every situation we have found ourselves in.

Some parents have even called educators their saviours during the lockdowns we have all experienced this year… and we agree! That’s why we created this video as a reflection of challenges we all faced in Term 2 and to say a huge THANK YOU to our educators, and to all educators across Australia:

View our learning from home resources for yourself by joining the group, or find activities on our kinder Facebook page.

Share your educators’ success stories here and let’s celebrate their achievements together!

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