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There’s nothing quite like a brand new year to start something new, set some resolutions and plan for success! Let’s not rush in too quickly though – first we should reflect on the year that was.
Here’s a video of the highlights of 2015 for the Bonkers Beat team:

While we note down those highlights as elements of 2015 that we’d like to replicate for 2016, it’s also important to reflect on things we could improve, things that need a fresh approach and things that were not worthwhile. This may include events, excursions, systems and procedures and many other areas. Ask questions: What worked? What needs to be tweaked? What caused us stress and how could we minimise that stress this time around?
Set yourselves up for success in 2016 by having this discussion about reflections and resolutions within your team, and perhaps even with your families, and find the lessons from 2015 that will help make this year even brighter and more successful!
On a final note as we reflect and look forward, we wish all 2015 kinder graduates a very special year as they begin their formal schooling! What an exciting time for many children and parents – the first day of school is a memory to be treasured for life and we are so proud of all the young children who are taking that next step in their educations this year.
Now, let’s get stuck into 2016! Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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