Restore Early Childhood Education and Our Country

Each week when we write the Bonkers Beat blog we do our best to provide practical ideas for the curriculum, empower centre owners and directors, support educators and parents, and share information about early childhood education.

 This week’s blog is a little different. In this week’s blog we have questions.

Early childhood education: a sector in crisis

The early childhood education sector is in crisis. Services are struggling with staff shortages due to mandates and ongoing cycles of illness. Educators are emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. For many services, the only way to keep centres open is to reduce hours.  Therefore parents are impacted, experience inconvenience and are frustrated. 

Early childhood education services are struggling, quality of care and education is drastically decreasing and, sadly, many directors and owners are ready to quit or close their centres.

Over the last few years many radical and reforming ideas have been introduced into the curriculum. In some instances, these ideas are controversial or not appropriate.

In early childhood education, very slowly, but consistently, many traditional practices, including celebrations and events, are replaced, or completely removed.

It’s true that the world evolves, and changers are inevitable. However, the fundamental principles and core values should be set in concrete for future generations.

When we talk about quality education, we need to remember that these core values, including respect, family, diversity, empathy, inclusion, truth, human rights and children’s rights are not negotiable. 

Standing up for the best society possible

Regardless of our views, profession and time, everyone should stand by these fundamental pillars of society.

Now is a critical time in history when we consider our upcoming vote in the context of everything happening in the world. Therefore, some important questions have to be raised: 

– Did the strategies and measures that were imposed over the last 2,5 years’ work?

– How can we save our industry and early childhood education?

– How can we restore and preserve our core values?

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself these questions… And don’t be afraid to stand by what you believe in.

Now is the time to make a change, make the right choice and stand up for a brighter future!

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