Saying Thanks on Early Childhood Educators’ Day

Today is Early Childhood Educators’ Day — a day to take the time to say thanks to the early childhood educators in your life. At Bonkers Beat we are surrounded by and in contact with hundreds (maybe thousands) of early childhood educators each year and while they are all different, there is something they have in common: they are so dedicated to the wellbeing of all children.

Early childhood educators have the wonderful privilege of coming into children’s lives during a time of rapid and powerful development. Sharing this time with children, these first five years of life, means that early childhood educators contribute to shaping the way a child learns, sees the world and engages with it. High quality early childhood education lays the foundation for children’s lifelong love of learning, and for that let’s all say a huge thank you!

We love early childhood educators

The patience early childhood educators show, the kindness they display, the passion with which they teach and the care they give to each and every child is inspiring. The people within this sector are truly special and they give so much back to the world.

Through this challenging year we have seen early childhood educators go above and beyond to continue to support children, connect with them remotely, share ideas for families to continue to create engaging learning experiences for children, even when they could not attend child care centres.

Early childhood educators, we are so grateful for your time and commitment to your work and the children and families in your communities!

How you can say thanks 

We’re getting right behind Early Childhood Educators’ Day in 2020 and encourage you to do the same. Send a letter, draw a picture, make a video, share a photo, post to social media — however you can say thanks is great and will show the educators in your life how valued they really are.

If you would like to learn more about Early Childhood Educators’ Day, you can visit

Finally — a giant THANKS to all the educators who are part of the Bonkers Beat family, both in Aspendale at our Music Kinder and those joining us in our programs and sharing music and wellbeing practices with children across Australia and beyond. You are awesome and we couldn’t think of anyone better to shape the future of all children!

Take a look at our video of gratitude to our awesome educators and please feel free to share it with your teams, early childhood educators and communities. 

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