Saying THANKS on Early Childhood Educators Day!

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As a career, early childhood education roles often do not receive the recognition and respect they deserve. The early childhood profession is one of the most important and the work the educators do is invaluable. Next Wednesday 5 September is Early Childhood Educators Day and we encourage you to consider taking the time to acknowledge the amazing educators in your life.
The work of early childhood educators is meaningful and vital for families. Parents choose to trust educators with their precious children and educators take great pride in ensuring the children in their care are getting the best start in life.
Educators also do so much to make parents and families feel special. Beautiful crafty creations for special occasions, new songs children go home singing and wonderful memories to last a lifetime.
So, how are you going to say thank you? We think early childhood educators deserve to know just how amazing they are, and Early Childhood Educators Day is the perfect time! These children have some ideas:

The Early Childhood Educators Day website has more ideas for families and children to explore how they could ‘say thank you’:
Centres might like to explore ways to acknowledge the day too with these ideas. Even a wall or tree of thanks can be a simple but thoughtful gesture to allow families to write a note of appreciation to educators when they come and go from the centre over the coming week.
We would love to see your Early Childhood Educators Day celebrations. Please share with us via Bonkers Beat Music and Wellbeing facebook page your ideas, or even use the official hashtag #EarlyChildhoodEducatorsDay so we can all explore the festivities around this occasion.

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