School Holidays and Family Bonding

For many families school holidays can be a juggle to say the least. Working families in particular feel the pressure to fit in family time with jobs. On top of everything of course we’re all busy trying to keep the house functioning and feed everyone!
Thankfully it’s not always about the quantity of time we spend with our families – quality time is what it’s all about.
To make things easier, our Bonkers Beat Holiday Program gives families the opportunity to give children a special experience during the school holidays. During this time, we arrange many excursions and incursions which allow all families to join in and have fun together with their children. Take a look at one of our excursions during last year’s Holiday Programs here.
Parents may also contribute to the life of the centre by running a simple presentation for children and educators. This might include: sharing their passion, talking about their job, playing a musical instrument, cooking with children or simply reading a book.

Squeeze in some family bonding time

School holiday bonding experiences don’t have to be a full day out. A simple game together can be great fun. Try no mess, no fuss card games like memory or snap.
If you’ve got a day to spend together, jump on a train to the city and enjoy the amazing free activities on throughout the school holidays.
It’s all happening at museums, libraries, public spaces and more. Take a look at what your capital city has to offer these school holidays.
Melbourne / Sydney / Perth / Adelaide / Canberra / Brisbane / Hobart / Darwin

Make some special memories

Doing things that break up the day-to-day can become long-lasting memories. Think about the things you remember fondly from childhood… There are probably many fun family bonding ideas in there that you haven’t thought of or tried yet! Who knows, carrying on some special like that could become a family tradition.
Check out our School Holiday Activities Guide: 24 school holiday activities for indoors, outdoors, adventures and quiet time! Find it here.

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