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As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s a great time to celebrate the incredible role that mothers play in our lives. For early childhood education centres, it’s an opportunity to involve children in activities that honour their mothers and special women in their lives, while providing the chance for learning and creativity. 

Let’s explore some Mother’s Day ideas that are perfect for early childhood education!

Say it with poetry: Hearing a child recite a poem about mum is just beautiful. Whether they learn a poem to recite at an event or save it to read at home on Sunday, poetry is a beautiful form of expression. Enjoy this special gift from Bonkers the Monkey – our poem ‘My Mum’. Poems are also a great way for children to express their feelings while mastering their language and literacy skills.

Mother’s Day Presentations

A Mother’s Day presentation at the service allows children to showcase their talents and creativity, all the while expressing their love and appreciation for mums. Invite mums, grandmothers and other special female figures in children’s lives to join children for a morning or afternoon event. Presentations that children could put together might include:

A song
Children could learn songs, a Mother’s Day song (or that special poem!) and perform it for their mothers. This is a great way to involve music in the celebration and to encourage children to memorise new things and express themselves.

A dance
Another option is to teach children a simple dance routine and have them perform it for their mothers. This could be a fun and energetic way to celebrate the day.

A play
Children could put together a short skit that tells a story about their mothers or illustrates the ways that they love and appreciate them. This could be a great way to involve drama and storytelling in the celebration.

Portraits of Mum

A child’s paintings are always warmly received, but this time let’s get children to paint a portrait of mum! You might like to get them to copy a photo or specify that they just do faces or put Mum in a scene of their choice. Seeing how children creatively express this is sure to be fun and adorable.

Mother’s Day printable resources

At Bonkers Beat, we’ve created printable resources to help early childhood educators celebrate Mother’s Day with children in services!

Our fun Mother’s Day Complete Pack includes a beautiful poem, plus literacy and numeracy activities. It is jam-packed with creative ideas for children to do with Educators’ or someone else’s support.

Plus, as a special offer for our followers, we’re offering a 20% discount on this pack! Please enter code Giftt4Mum to get a discount. 

You can find it on our website at

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for early childhood education services to help children to celebrate the incredible role that mothers and other special women play in their lives. 

We hope that these ideas and resources will help you create a memorable and meaningful Mother’s Day celebration!

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