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We were thrilled to be included in the latest edition of Kid Magazine.  It’s wonderful to have a chance to spread the word of music, yoga and wellbeing for children and this publication is a perfect outlet.
Aimed at families of young children we wanted to show how important those first few years are and how important music is for a child’s development.  Music is one of the few activities that involves the use of the whole brain and is closely connected to our wellbeing. Music has a universal and timeless potential to influence how we feel.
A study from the United Kingdom found that encouraging patients with active psychosis to express themselves through music improved their symptoms of depression, anxiety and social withdrawal. “It evokes feelings of contentment, reductions in anxiety, and feelings of calmness and security…”
Music affects the body in many ways, it is  powerful in helping children to develop social and emotional skills, become less stressed and enjoy learning.
In the article we identified a few reasons why it is so important that we encourage children to play and enjoy music and the benefits we see.
To see us on page 42, or to read the whole publication, click here – http://issuu.com/kidmagazine/docs/kid_magazine_issue_twenty_three?e=0/13288706

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