Spring into the School Holidays

What do the school holidays mean for you? The school holidays are a different experience for everyone, depending on a variety of factors. 

For working parents, this time can be a juggle. For educators, it can mean hosting a school holiday program to support families. For families with a parent able to be at home, it can be a time to try to fit in some fun or take a break from routine. 

Whatever your circumstances are, school holiday activities are always a must! 

With only a couple of days to go, here are a few things to keep in mind for the Spring School Holiday weeks.

Take advantage of school holiday events and offers

Many local community events and activities take place during the school holidays. And many are free! Check out your local council website, shopping centres, libraries, museums and even cafes and restaurants for school holiday events to enjoy. 

For centres planning school holiday programs, you might even find a great excursion opportunity. 

Create or discover a fun school holiday program

School holiday programs are an excellent way for children to have some fun while allowing parents and carers to continue to work as needed. 

If you run a childcare service, you might like to create a school holiday program with a bunch of engaging and enjoyable activities for children to get involved in! Bonkers Beat has done just that! 

Our School Holiday Program September 2022 features plenty of fun, including:

  • Dress Like a Pirate Day (fundraiser to support children living with cancer)
  • Sport/AFL Dress Up Day
  • Community Garden planting
  • Mini Masterchefs
  • And SO much more!

For families looking for a school holiday program, there is likely one operating near you. When you enrol, you may even be eligible to receive the Child Care Subsidy.

Make some special memories

The school holidays offer a little break from routine for many families, so why not try to create some special memories during this time. 

No need to overcomplicate it either — sometimes it’s the simplest of quality time that makes all the difference. Nice walks in nature, listening to and dancing to music together, playing board games or doing puzzles can be highly rewarding. Our School Holiday Guide can offer some suggestions to help.

However your school holidays are spent, we hope everyone is able to take some time to enjoy all that Spring has to offer!

To gain some inspiration on what to do with your children, head over to our previous year’s album on Facebook page. 

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