Standing Out, Engaging Children and Supporting Families

As a dedicated early childhood educational service, strategising ways to stand out in your community and attract families to your centre is probably something you have spent alot of time doing. It’s likely that you also focus on the best ways to engage children and support their development and wellbeing, while also developing enriching relationships with families. It’s important work and it must be done, but it can be exhausting.

There are three key achievements that every service is (or at least should be) aiming for: standing out, engaging children and supporting families (and staff). Let’s delve into each one and how you can make it happen.

Stand out in your community

If you want to attract new families and gain a reputation in your local area as being the best choice for children’s early childhood education, you need to stand out. It doesn’t matter how amazing your centre is unless people get to see it, hear about it and experience it. As an example, the Bonkers Beat programs offer a strong point of difference that shines bright. We create a meaningful point of difference that is based on empowering children and parents, as well as educators, by incorporating music and wellbeing programs that deliver outstanding results.

Of course, families also look to your NQS Rating to get an idea of how your service is tracking against the required standard. This is one of the reasons why we link our program directly to crucial National Quality Framework areas to help you embed strategies that will boost your NQS Rating.

Engaging children

Build children’s confidence, enhance children’s communication, improve memory and concentration, work on motor skills and coordination — how? Children can learn through music and play! Engaging children is vital to maximise outcomes and nurture children during this critical stage of development.

When children feel engaged by your centre’s approach to learning they will learn more effectively and confidently. These outcomes are discernible to families, helping them to clearly see exactly how valuable your centre, your educators and educational program is.

Supporting families (and educators)

Evidence shows that family and parental engagement in children’s early learning (and beyond) promotes the wellbeing and development of children. A key role for a childcare service or kindergarten is to support families in giving their children the best start. The Bonkers Beat philosophy, for example, involves families throughout their child’s educational experience. We encourage them to play and sing the music from our service at home and in the car. Some have written to us years later to say they all still sing the songs together! A families’ trust is something we value greatly and keeping them involved in their child’s learning is valuable to everyone.

Life can be crazy (this year has made that especially clear!), so being a reliable, consistent and comfortable space for families is really important to be as supportive as possible. Strong bonds between educators and children contribute to this sense of support and belonging for families, so reducing your staff turnover and keeping your team inspired and engaged is vital.

Engaged educators are inspired, motivated, productive and happy in the workplace. They stay with your centre and are invested in its success. These are qualities that are vital to creating a learning and care environment for children to flourish. These qualities of an engaged, supported educator enable them to do the best job possible at enhancing children’s wellbeing too.

When we developed the Bonkers Beat programs it was to streamline a process. We wanted ECEC services (including our own centre in Melbourne) to have access to a program that would enable owners, directors and educators to structure their curriculum without stress and hassle, while achieving incredible outcomes for the entire centre community. Bonkers Beat continues to deliver a reliable, successful framework from which childcare centres and kindergartens flourish and thrive.

We also run bi-annual professional development for centres who join the Bonkers Beat programs — every single one of the team members can come along to the Wellness Summits for the ultimate group professional development twice each year! This means educators are bonding over shared experiences and feel inspired to continue to grow on their ECEC journey together (and this year we managed to achieve it in an online space!)

Be the best you can be

Standing out, engaging children and supporting your families and your team doesn’t have to be a huge, overwhelming task. With Bonkers Beat Programs it is straightforward and simple, while achieving incredible results for all.

And the benefits are effective and proven:

  • More enrolments
  • Increased engagement from children and families
  • A distinct and effective point of difference in the market
  • More motivated educators
  • Reduced staff turnover

If you would like to learn more about the Bonkers Beat programs, please visit There’s even a free trial, so give it a go and see why so many services and families love Bonkers Beat!

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