Stay Together To Achieve More

Some things are just better when they are together. Hot chocolate and marshmallows, sun and sand, salt and pepper… We believe that people are better together too! There has been a lot of division in communities of late,  so now is the time to support each other and bring teams together.

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Your early childhood education team includes owners and directors, educators, children, and their families. Now is the time to support each other!

Try to do something daily that will do one or more of the following

  •         Empower educators: Run your high-quality practices daily (including music, creativity, and wellbeing), to build confidence and knowledge in these areas of the curriculum for your educators. Consider professional development opportunities too – online options can be flexible and accessible for those in lockdown.
  •         Make people feel supported: Offer an ear or send your team a message to inspire them and remind them you care. Look at what your team is going through and identify ways you can be helpful to them.
  •         Reduce stress: Short deadlines, high demands, inflexibility — there are lots of things that add stress to our lives and often they really aren’t necessary. See where you can reduce pressure for those around you (and yourself).
  •         Increase happiness: Making other people happy makes for a happy world. Buy fresh flowers for someone, tell a funny joke, compliment people. Making people happy is easy, free, and makes a huge difference.

Now is the time to engage parents and support them, both in your service and with practical resources they can access from home. Not only will this help your families continue to deliver an early childhood educational experience to children, but your centre will benefit too. You can be enhancing all areas of your NQS Rating right now and work on tackling your occupancy rate by showcasing the support you offer, no matter what life throws our way.

We’ve been busy bringing dedicated early childhood education professionals together. Our 7 Steps free online event was a great success and feedback tells us that we are achieving our goal of inspiring and supporting services through tough times. 

Sadly our Wellness Summits for Bonkers Beat members were unable to be in person for the second year running. However, by using technology and some creativity,  the event was still hugely successful in delivering quality professional development opportunities for educators and services – check out the albums from these events over on our Facebook page!

If you want to connect with like-minded educators and Approved Providers and need support, reach out, we are here to help.

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