From Stress to Harmony Through Meditation

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It’s no secret that many of us, if not most of us, live very busy lives on a day-to-day basis. This can leave us feeling stressed, rushed, tired and disconnected. But escaping to peace doesn’t have to mean expensive day-spas or anything that will cost you more of your precious time than it’s worth. What if we said that as little as ten minutes a day can make a difference and it’s free?
Meditation is something that our Bonkers Beat philosophy values greatly. While our programs are designed with children in mind, we are also incredibly passionate about the merits of meditation for adults and the role it can have in helping parents and children reconnect in a positive, relaxing way.
Our free wellbeing event ’Harmony Night’ is coming up on April 29 at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale, Victoria. We welcome everyone to join us in learning about the positive impact that meditation, yoga and music can have on your life, your health and your children’s and how it can be incorporated each and every day.
The benefits of meditation are countless and incredibly valuable. In fact, here’s a link to 100 benefits of meditationif you still need convincing! Meditation is a fantastic way to increase children’s focus and concentration and to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps build self-esteem and confidence and encourages children’s imagination and creativity, helping them to explore their inner world, to focus and connect their mind and body.
Galina looks forward to sharing her latest findings in early childhood following her recent trip to the USA as a presenter at the CAEYC Conference (California Association for the Education of Young Children).
Physiological, psychological and spiritual rewards await and it’s simpler and less intimidating than you may realise. Even getting children involved is far easier than perhaps seems possible! You’ll learn all about this and much more at our upcoming Harmony Night.
You can book online here. And please, feel free to share the event with others. The more the merrier!

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