Support and strategies for inclusion in centres

Every child is special and deserves to be included.  The Victorian Inclusion Agency is currently hosting a range of inclusion workshops and expos around Victoria which will help you build your understanding of inclusion strategies.
Bonkers and Galina were invited to take part in expos and will be sharing their techniques and resources to support the inclusion of all children.
The Victorian Inclusion Agency works towards the vision that all Victorian children can meaningfully and actively participate in an education and care service of their family’s choice in their community.

What makes a service ‘inclusive’?

To run an inclusive service means you have the equipment, programs and knowledge required to ensure children with a range of special needs – special rights – can be taken care of effectively and included with all children.
In some cases, centres may need specialist equipment like ramps, communication charts, posture aids, among other items.
Sometimes it can be difficult to realise that your centre needs some tweaks or additions to improve its inclusiveness, but that’s what these expos are for.

How Bonkers Beat delivers inclusion support

The Bonkers Beat Music and Wellbeing programs have a strong focus on wellbeing and the celebration of each child.
Our programs have had exceptional results for families with ASD, ADHD and many other behavioural conditions. You can specifically read about our approach to autism here.
We believe that every child is different in one way or another and it’s our differences that make us special. Our differences also give us a unique perspective that we can share with others who may not be privy to that perspective.
Some of us do things differently, sound different or behave in different ways. However, there are still things we all have in common and can share with one another. Inclusion in centres means everyone understands this.

Some helpful resources to support inclusion practices in your centre

Gaining a thorough understanding of why children might behave in some ways is a good first step. This resource is a worthwhile read.
Enrolling children with special rights and additional needs? There are a few extra considerations. This guide will help you get on top of them.
Get your visual supports up to scratch in your centre with this guide.
Bonkers is excited to share the power of music and wellbeing for the purpose of inclusion in centres with you.
Bonkers Beat will be attending these Inclusion Expo dates:

  • Tuesday 13 June –  Bundoora
  • Wednesday 14 June – Geelong
  • Mon 19 June – Dandenong

Hope to see you at the Inclusion Expo next week!
To attend your nearest VIA Inclusion Expo, click here.
If you’ll see Bonkers and Galina, make sure you come and say ‘Hi’!

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