Taking Training Online to Enhance Wellbeing and Creativity

When faced with challenges, sometimes your creativity can feel zapped away. Motivation levels can be low and overall wellbeing can suffer. We have always found that professional development and team building opportunities are essential on a regular basis to ensure educators are supported to reach their full potential. And the thought of not being able to provide this to the industry due to the pandemic was disheartening. With a positive mindset and the intention to find solutions in any circumstances many challenges can be overcome. Thankfully to the marvel of the internet, we are also able to conduct online training and support educators, managers and directors wellness and creativity. 

Embracing the Internet to Support Early Childhood

While online training has been a focus for Bonkers Beat for many years, the industry as a whole is really finding out just how powerful and effective it can be. We have been delivering professional development as well as our Bonkers Beat members’ regular training and support to many centres Australia-wide by using WeBex and Zoom, and it has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Each year we put together two Wellness Summits for our Bonkers Beat members. These Summits take place in a number of states across the country and are jam-packed with engaging experiences, exceptional presentations from expert speakers and lots of learning and fun. This year circumstances mean that we will also be hosting our Winter Wellness Summit online!

Online Training for Optimal Outcomes

Our members won’t miss out on a valuable and exciting training event, even with a global pandemic to contend with! Taking place on Saturday 29 August, the Wellness Summit for Winter 2020 will feature three guest speakers, music training from Galina, scheduled morning tea and lunch breaks and time for reflection and discussion. We’re even doing a group photo!

While the Summit will be run online this time, we have no doubt that this professional development day will be brimming with inspirational experiences for all our attendees!

With Bonkers Beat, every day is an adventure for educators and children alike and that has not changed whether we are supporting centres online or offline!

Right NOW is an excellent time to join the Bonkers Beat program and…attend our upcoming Virtual Wellness Summit on 29 August!

So, get started with FREE ACCESS for 30 days! Loved by parents and children, with the power to boost your NQS Rating, your occupancy and your service’s program, Bonkers Beat is an award-winning program that is easy to implement and highly sought after.

Online or in person, or a combination of both, we are committed to continuing to deliver leading training and support to Bonkers Beat members now and into the future, no matter what challenges we face! 

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