TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

The team at Bonkers Beat embarked on a weekend in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula to build on our relationships and to really enjoy the power of teamwork and team bonding. Building relationships and a passionate team of educators positively impacts the children in many ways. They see the strength and connection between colleagues and being role models, we show children how happy relationships and communication are created. They of course benefit from having happy educators and teachers who want the best out of them and support each other.
Everyone enjoyed the focus of the weekend, which was – Dare to Dream, Try, Grow & Have Fun Together! We all participated in yoga, partner yoga, a laughter session, meditation and of course lots of conversations about  documentation and curriculum.
A highlight for all of us was the afternoon surprise of the Zipline flying fox at the Enchanted Adventure Garden. Many of us felt challenged by this activity, however with the entire team rallying around and offering cheers of support we all completed the course with big smiles on our faces. Without the support of each other many of us would not have finished this challenge, the support from each other created a sense of togetherness. Taking risks and pushing boundaries is healthy for all of us and the reward is feeling fulfilled and happy that you have conquered your fear.
Many of us were happily exhausted after the weekend and felt ready to take on the new week full of happy memories and closer friendships.
Team spirit is so important to us and that is why we would like to share with you this adorable clip from: – ‘Lessons from Geese’

To see the full range of photos from our weekend. Click here on our Facebook page: –
Bonkers Beat Staff Retreat 2015 – Dare to Dream, Try, Grow and Have Fun

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