The Importance of Choosing the Right Early Learning Environment

The first five years of life are when the most critical development takes place. In fact, it is time when the human brain undergoes its most rapid and impactful period of growth and development. Needless to say, educational experiences shape children’s futures. This means that choosing a childcare service or kindergarten for your child can make a profound difference to their ongoing development. 

Making the right decision about their child’s education begins in early childhood. This is when we lay the foundation for a child and hopefully encourage an ongoing love of learning for them. 

Making up for lost time

Over the last two years the covid-19 pandemic impact has been felt by everyone. 

Children of all ages have had their development and education affected. For some children they may have been very young when the pandemic and lockdowns began, reducing their ability to have many social interactions that are really important to early development. Some children may have even been born at a time when they couldn’t meet loved ones outside of their homes and on screens. 

For children who were already in early learning, their education was disrupted. Many children are catching up developmentally as a result of many months without essential engaging learning experiences. School readiness has been affected along with social development and mental health and wellbeing. 

Getting the best start from the very beginning

Let’s take the time to ensure that children will have the best start in life at a high quality early childhood education service that suits your family. 

Bonkers Beat Music Kinder & Childcare Aspendale is an outstanding service; which incorporates Montessori Philosophy and is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. It provides a high-quality education, care and an exciting environment for children from two to five years of age.

The centre offers a funded kinder program run by a Degree Qualified Kinder Teacher, innovative music and wellbeing programs which are run daily, gardening experiences, nutritious homemade meals and much more.

Free, fun-filled Open Days

To help parents make an informed choice for their children, we are hosting two Open Days at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in the coming weeks: first on Tuesday 29 March and the second on Thursday 31 March. 

These events are completely free, super informative and lots of fun. We will be showcasing our innovative programs and giving everyone the opportunity to find out why our service was rated Exceeding and Excellent by ACECQA over the last 10 years.

Come along and discover how your child will benefit from our programs – we do ask that you register your attendance to help us manage numbers and cater for all

To learn more about the Bonkers Beat holistic approach to education, visit

Hope to see you at one of our Open Days!

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