The Important Role of Grandparents

There can never be too many special people dedicated to being a part of a child’s life, and in many families grandparents play an important role.
Just as we celebrate mums and dads, we believe that grandparents and other important adults in children’s lives should be invited to have some level of involvement in their education, even if it is just a few days in the year where they can pop in to see where the children spend some of their time. Best of all, we love to see the joy it brings children to share their learning environment with other people in their lives.
At Bonkers Beat we always find that a great time to celebrate Grandparents Day is somewhere between Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in September.
We also believe it beneficial to name the day ‘Grandparents and a Special Friend Day’, so as to ensure we are inclusive of all children and families. As we all are likely aware, families come in all different shapes and sizes, and family dynamics and relationships can vary greatly. This gives families the opportunity to celebrate grandparents if they wish or celebrating someone else special in children’s lives if it’s more appropriate for them.
We revisited our Grandparents Day brainstorming from last year to provide you with some fun ideas for your celebrations:
– Create an ‘I Love You because…’ card and children can offer a special reason
– Create a photo frame as a gift
– Create a collage together of things that remind them of their relationship
– Sing some special songs together
– Play instruments together in a music session
– All children act out a favourite book for the grandparents/special friends
– Yoga and wellbeing activities with grandparents/special friends
– Grandparents/special friends may enjoy sharing a snack with the children
– Children might like to give grandparents/special friends a tour of their room
Click here to find some great printables and other ideas for your Grandparents and a Special Friend Day.
As always, we would love you to share your tips and tricks for the perfect Grandparents and a Special Friend Day with us on Facebook.

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