The Power of Signing and Singing

Creating an early childhood service that is inclusive is of the utmost importance. There are many ways you can be inclusive in centres, and in life. In a recent article we explored the incredible power that can be found in incorporating sign language in childcare centres.
Parenta, an early childhood education organisation based in the UK, asked us to contribute to their magazine and the full article ‘The power of signing and singing’ is out now. Read it here.
In our Parenta article we talk about sign language and its many benefits, including:

  •         Powerful communication
  •         Brain growth through learning
  •         Body language awareness
  •         Inclusive learning environment
  •         Rapid language development
  •         A skill for life

Music has long been thought of as a universal language and adding sign language to further express what we sing only strengthens it further. Signing and singing goes beyond inclusivity, adding another powerful dimension to the way we communicate.
It’s also worth noting that sign language is not just for centres where children or families are hearing impaired. As touched on above, the benefits of using sign language extend to young children and even babies.
We discovered further support for the value of sign language in early childhood when we hosted our Wellness Summit in Melbourne last month. A fantastic and inspiring way to commence the year. One of our presenters was Liz Grover, a wellness expert from Aurora School For Young Deaf and Deafblind Children. Her insights and knowledge in this area were invaluable. She reminded us that using visuals as part of the way we communicate with children is such a crucial tool for effective and inclusive learning and communication.
It is quite clear that sign language can enrich both education and lives, and combined with singing we can create some truly special educational experiences and memories.
Do you use signing at your centre? If not, maybe it’s time to explore this. Start signing, use keywords, posters and see the power of the Auslan language. To download free posters click here.
If you’d like to read the full article ‘The power of signing and singing’, head here.

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