Three Cheers for our Teachers!!

World Teachers’ Day is a day that celebrates the efforts of teachers on a global scale, acknowledging the important contribution made to our community in an increasingly complex, multicultural and technological world. This year it is celebrated on Monday  5th of October.
Teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the next generation has the best start in life possible. All of us know a teacher from our past who shaped who we are today or who had a great influence in our careers. This is why World Teachers’ Day is about appreciating the teachers in our lives. From the beginning at childcare, kindergarten, primary through to secondary and beyond, all are equally important and have a crucial role in shaping and guiding our children.
Here is a little list of why teachers are great

  1. Teachers don’t accept failure. They try every angle and every strategy to help students learn and succeed.
  2. Teachers care. Teachers love every student in their class, even the ones that make themselves hard to love, and sometimes especially the ones that are hard to love.
  3. Teachers are fabulous communicators. They love to talk and listen to students, to other teachers, and parents. They choose their words wisely and can say anything with a smile and a positive spin.
  4. Teachers are adaptable. They can change a lesson or an entire class in a moment’s notice, which comes in handy when the fire drill or unplanned assembly interrupts.
  5. Teachers are positive. They know the work is challenging, but they’ve accepted the task and know they can be an amazing teacher because their attitude is great and no one can tell them they can’t do something.
  6. Teachers work hard. They don’t show up and sit behind a desk. They stand all day, talk all day, think all day, interact all day, and learn all day. The corporate world may not get it, but teachers are busy people. Returning emails and phone calls are luxuries our days may not afford. But the important stuff – the teaching – that’s getting done.
  7. Teachers are creative. The hallway, the playground, and the even the lunchroom are places where important lessons and connections take place.
  8. Teachers are always thinking about teaching. They plan, they research, and they think about lessons all the time. They write down lesson ideas on cocktail napkins or receipts when they think of something great to include in an upcoming unit.
  9. Teachers are resourceful. They know how to make the most of a lesson with no money, no supplies and little time.
  10. Teachers don’t take teaching lightly. They’ve been trained in a field with few tangible rewards. The emotional rewards of teaching? The satisfaction of teaching? Those are so great it makes up for everything else and then some. The joys of teaching can be so overwhelming that they know it’s one of the greatest professions on Earth.

So, go and tell the teacher in your life how much you appreciate them and how valued they are.

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