Three Reasons Why Some Educators Lack Motivation

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Early Childhood education is crucial for children’s development and the profession of an Early Childhood Educator is one of the most important jobs. It can be very demanding and challenging both physically and mentally, but at the same time it is one of the most rewarding professions and many educators would not give it up.
Why people choose this profession when they begin their career and why so many educators leave their jobs?
Why is it so difficult to find the right staff and keep them motivated?
Many owners and directors have similar concerns about retaining good staff members, so these conversations prompted Galina to write about this issue.
Her article can be summed up into three words – Passion, Knowledge and Skills.  Without these three things, educators cannot learn, grow and also enjoy their job.  Working within the industry is hard, it is at times physically and mentally difficult. Keeping up with the daily demands can be very challenging without the right skills.  To quote Galina – “…follow your passion, keep learning, look for ways to gain more practical ideas, work as a team, share your knowledge, your skills – and motivation will be there.”
Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) magazine approached Galina and published the article a few weeks ago in their Spring Early Edition.
You can read Galina’s full article here:
For more articles written and published by Galina, go to:-
To find out more about ACA :-

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