Training Educators for Centre Success

It’s that time again — our Virtual Wellness Summit is scheduled for Saturday 13 March! This gives all educators, directors and owners who are Bonkers Beat program members the chance to attend a high-value, practical and engaging professional development training event from the comfort of, well, wherever they like!

Previously an in-person event in your nearest capital city, the Wellness Summit has adapted to the various restrictions due to the pandemic and found that staying virtual for now is the safest and more reliable way to continue to provide meaningful and effective training for educators. Not only that, but this professional development training focuses on individual wellbeing and success as well as team wellbeing and success. Of course, ultimately as a result you will set your entire centre on the path to success!

It’s no surprise that virtual training can bring about real-life success — with the rapid advancements of technology and online tools available to us all, attending a Wellness Summit online is almost like the real thing!

We take great care to ensure that the Virtual Wellness Summit is just as valuable to Bonkers Beat members and last year’s was proof that it can be done. Those who attended raved about the event and we can’t wait to have that same excellent result again.

It’s not too late to join Bonkers Beat and even attend our Virtual Wellness Summit in March! Explore our program options here and level up your occupancy, staff retention, NQS Rating, children’s outcomes and wellbeing for all:

 Don’t forget, our Bonkers Beat Music Program is available via your School Readiness Funding. Check it out on the School Readiness Funding Menu here.

To get an idea of what the last Virtual Wellness Summit in 2020 was like, take a look at this video: 

Hopefully we’ll see you online for the Virtual Wellness Summit on Saturday 13 March 2021!

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