Virtual Professional Development Success

Shopping, schooling, work, health appointments — there’s not much we didn’t end up learning how to do online in 2020! Last week was another online ‘first’ for the team here at Bonkers Beat and our dedicated community: we had our first ever Virtual Wellness Summit!

Taking our much-loved Wellness Summits online was an overwhelming concept, to begin with, but we are now overjoyed to confirm that the first Virtual Wellness Summit was a fantastic success! They are practical and hands-on events, with a rotation of expert speakers presenting on various topics and plenty of actionable takeaways. We worked hard to transfer our effective format to virtual delivery and are proud of the outcome!

Educators logged on from home or watched in groups from their centres, depending on their state’s current pandemic restrictions. We had educators attending across Victoria, Queensland and NSW.

Being part of the professional development Wellness Summits as a group complete with owners, directors and educators can make a big difference to the power of the knowledge, strategies and skills explored during the event. 

There are three key reasons we love taking a group approach to professional development:

  1. Gaining collective knowledge: Rather than one or two people attending an event and possibly relaying their interpretation of the information to the rest of the team, group PD enhances educators’ knowledge together. They can then reflect and interpret together and take a united approach to the way early childhood education is delivered at their centre.
  2. Time to bond: Our PD sessions are engaging and fun as well as brimming with valuable information. Having fun together and sharing a laugh can contribute greatly to the team’s ability to work together effectively, respect one another and improve interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
  3. Motivation as one: Sharing an inspiring experience such as the Wellness Summits means everyone is on the same page and tends to feel as motivated as one another to brainstorm fresh ideas, make improvements and apply their newfound knowledge to optimise the centre.

The Wellness Summits are exclusive professional development events for Bonkers Beat program members to attend across Australia each year. We are so proud of every single person who came along to our first ever Virtual Wellness Summit!

We always take lots of photos at the Wellness Summits, and we didn’t let the online format stop us from doing that! Take a look at the Wellness Summit album here. Hopefully, we will see you for the next one!

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