Want to boost your NQS Rating? Try These Quick Tips…

Hotels, restaurants, stores — when it comes to determining the quality of something, we often look to ratings. Reviews and word of mouth can be a great way to spread the word of a quality offering, but an industry-supported rating offers a serious certification that people look to and respect.

In early childhood education, the rating system we are assessed for is the National Quality Standard, and just like hotels want to receive five stars, childcare services are keen to aim for the highest rating possible. When a family is doing their research to decide where to send their children for a great early learning experience; they want your childcare service to be one with a high NQS rating to support your positive reviews.

If your centre is waiting to be assessed for its NQS rating, you’re probably spending time working on strategies to enhance your approach to early childhood education in a way that will be highly regarded under the National Quality Framework. Plus, if you can tick the boxes outlined throughout the NQF, then you also can rest assured that you are providing a high standard of care.

There are many things you can action to boost your NQS rating. And best of all, many of them can be actioned right away for a great result. We’ll share some top tips for you to increase your NQS rating below, but for an in-depth look at getting the best rating possible, join us at our upcoming free webinar, 7 steps click here.

Reliable ways to enhance your NQS Rating

  1. Understand the National Quality Framework

The NQF informs services what is expected of them. Work through the criteria with your team and make sure you really understand what each area requires of you. Knowledge is power!

  1. Review your systems and procedures

In the hustle-bustle of day-to-day running of a childcare centre or kindergarten, it can be easy to start to slip on your systems and procedures;   prioritising an organised and streamlined system will help you stay on top of your quality areas and the way your centre runs.

  1.   Have a plan in place

When you feel like you’re doing everything right already, or you’re just plodding along it can be easy to get complacent or lose track of where you’re at and you want to go. Having a plan is a must when you have goals to achieve. Consider each of the quality areas and have a few points outlining how you address each one, including practical actions. Write it down, stick it up on the wall in the staff room – make sure everyone has access to it!

  1. Clarify expectations with your team

A healthy dose of teamwork is a must to achieve your best possible NQS Rating. Make sure you and everyone in your team is comfortable and confident in what their role is and what is involved. As we always say TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!

  1. Use the self-assessment tool

The ACECQA website has a great tool available for free to help your service self-assess. This tool helps you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement in the context of the NQF. Use this to inform strategy and planning. 

These five tips will help get you on track to achieving your NQS Rating goals. And if you need more, want to go deeper or are looking for practical support to make your centre shine, don’t forget to join us at the free online 7 Steps event!

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