Wellness Summit Success!

Wow! What a Wellness Summit we had! 

We’ve been running the Bonkers Beat Wellness Summits for many years now, and yet each time in a moment of reflection we can’t help but think of just how incredibly successful it is. Every time!

Practical and actionable training

Gaining training that you can take away with you is a vital consideration for us in organising the Wellness Summits. Giving educators, directors, and owners something to feel inspired by and capable of actioning right away can be super motivating. 

Our guest speakers help create this valuable training. In this most recent Wellness Summit, we were joined by early childhood education experts as our special guest speakers. Those joining us included Adrian Pattra-McLean who presented on the topic of ‘Bursting Burnout’, Kerrie O’Neill who delved into ‘Intentionality with a Reggio Lens’, and wellbeing mentor Wendy Dixon, with her practical support for ‘Yoga and Wellbeing Practices in Action’.

Of course, bringing everyone together and delivering an exceptional, educational, and engaging summit was Galina Zenin, a music and early childhood expert with over 40 years of experience. The valuable topics she covered were education, brain development, music genres, diversity, and more. 

Strengthening team bonds with the whole team’s professional development

The opportunity to undertake professional development that simultaneously strives to strengthen the bonds for your team is hard to come by. 

The Wellness Summit promotes ‘our’ team and ‘us’ mentality, encouraging everyone who is part of your centre to come together and experience growth as individuals as well as a team.

The smiles and laughter witnessed throughout the day contribute to ensuring the Wellness Summit is a positive learning journey for teams to have together. 

Here are some highlights, click here to get inspired!

We hope that in the days following, centres’ owners, directors, and educators have been able to continue to critically reflect on their learnings, their goals, and how they can be the best they can be.

We couldn’t do it without you!

A huge thank you to all of our dedicated attendees and Bonkers Beat family — we are continually inspired by your commitment to this important sector. We have watched each one of you grow from strength to strength and we are all in awe of who you have become. 

Let’s keep working together to ensure that we bring our best to early childhood education now and well into the future as we support the development of young people.

If you would like to find out how you can participate in our bi-annual Wellness Summits fill in the contact us page or feel free to call us at 1300-B-BEAT. 

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