Western Australia Welcomes Bonkers

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Not only was November a very busy month, it also marked a ‘first’ for Bonkers the Monkey – his very first trip to Western Australia! While Bonkers and Galina travel a lot both in and out of Australia, this was an exciting maiden voyage for the Bonkers Beat team.
And what a wonderful, warm and welcoming place Western Australia is! From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, the trip was an absolute pleasure. The people, the views, the food, the climate – just beautiful.
The busy adventure in the West included attendance at a conference that was a highly successful event, as well as networking with many educators and centres from Perth and its surrounds.
If you haven’t already, check out our Perth album on the Bonkers Beat Facebook page to see what a great time we had enjoying as much of Perth as we could in the short space of time that we had.
Western Australia, a big thank you for having us and we can’t wait to come back and visit again soon!

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