What You Should Do Now To Shine In 2021

With the year ending, the time is fast approaching to relax and recharge with family and friends, even if just for the festive period. But before we do, consider taking a moment to reflect with your team on what your centre’s journey looked like in 2020 and what you want to work towards in 2021.

Reflections and planning are vital to your centre’s growth and success. Celebrating what went well and what you achieved is a must, as well as reflecting on improvements and creating new team and individual goals to focus on in the coming year.

At Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale, Victoria we set aside a Curriculum Day for the last day of Term 4. This day is dedicated to group reflection time, celebrating achievements and planning next year. We highly recommend finding a time suitable to set aside to do this too, remembering that the whole team should be involved if possible. After all, everything we do is a team effort and every person in the team matters.

To keep it efficient and productive, you can focus on three areas to structure your time around: Reflecting, Celebrating and Planning.


While we’d love to leave 2020 behind, take a moment to reflect on it. Your team no doubt came up against some of the biggest challenges they may have ever faced and hopefully you came out on the other side with some experiences that will shape the future. Individually, encourage each team member to think about the role they have played throughout the year and how they have contributed to the team.


Looking over these reflections, there’s likely been some standout moments or instances that deserve to be celebrated. So do it! Highlight times when you overcame something as a centre, or a breakthrough with a child or within your program or service. Give yourselves a round of applause for all the times it was a job well done. Encourage individuals to celebrate themselves, and for everyone to feel proud of their achievements and contributions during a year that was deeply affecting for many both professionally and personally.


Referring back to your reflections and celebrations, start making some goals for 2021. Include some points about how you might achieve those goals. An example of a goal might be a greater focus on parent engagement. And steps to achieve this goal could be actively reaching out to parents, sending words to songs home for continuity or increasing your communications with families. There might be things that went really well during 2020 that you want to replicate in 2021. There might also be things you want to take steps to avoid taking place again.

To help you with your 2021 planning and provide thorough support for shining bright next year, we invite you to try our award-winning Bonkers Beat programs for a free trial. The Bonkers Beat programs are built around improving your NQS Rating, engaging families, motivating staff and reducing turnover, and most importantly, enhancing wellbeing and giving children the absolute best start in life. Visit www.earlychildhoodeducationalprograms.com.au to get involved and get a flying start for 2021!


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