Why Children Should Do Yoga

Our lives today can be busy and fast-paced – this goes for children too. Many adults now use yoga as a way of unwinding and taking care of their bodies, but did you know that children benefit from yoga too?
At Bonkers Beat we often talk about the benefits of music and our music program, but we are also passionate about our Bonkers Beat Gym wellbeing program. The wellbeing side of our program has a focus on incorporating meditation and yoga into children’s lives, so let’s take a look at why children should do yoga.


Yoga encourages children to be aware of what their bodies are doing and what they are capable of. The focus on the breath and actions encourages children to connect to their bodies and minds. They can learn how their different mindsets and approaches can bring about varying outcomes in their lives.


With so many distractions in our busy lives, it can be difficult to get children to focus – yoga can really help. Yoga teaches children to be present in taking each breath and moving between each pose, taking it slow to reach their goals.

Strength and Flexibility

Children’s bodies are naturally agile, so it’s a great time to continue to keep those joints and muscles limber. It’s not just about flexibility though. Yoga builds strength and balance, which will benefit children’s coordination, energy and the overall functioning of their bodies so they have fewer injuries and avoid many health issues.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

In a world full of images, children’s self-esteem is crucial and yoga teaches children to love themselves and be proud of what their bodies can do. Best of all, it’s a non-competitive form of exercise that demonstrates to children that we are all the same inside as we focus on breathing in and out all together, then standing tall to face the day.

Relaxation and Stress Management

The breathing exercises that accompany poses assist in lowering the heart rate and calming the body and mind. Children are quick to learn the calming, soothing nature of yoga and can be encouraged to use the breathing techniques in stressful situations.

Enhance and Support Wellbeing

As educators and parents, children’s overall wellbeing is our priority, and that’s why children should do yoga – there is no doubt that yoga gives children the tools they need to feel happy and healthy.
At Bonkers Beat we believe in the benefits of wellbeing practices for life for all children – we also see educators enjoying the benefits of yoga too! Learn more about our wellbeing program and the learning outcomes it delivers here. For more information about becoming a member of the Bonkers Beat Music & Wellbeing family, click here.

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