Why developing a centre philosophy is of vital importance

What makes a centre special and why developing a centre philosophy is of vital importance?  It’s a sum of many things, such as people, culture, values and your mission as an organisation. Together these things make up your centre philosophy. Does your centre have a philosophy? It should!
The Bonkers Beat philosophy grew and developed over a period of time rather than all at once. It began as a simple statement of our values and principles, before growing into our ‘7 Stones’ philosophy that we now share with centres all over the country (and the world). In fact, that ‘7 Stones’ philosophy became one of six overarching achievements for Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale receiving the ‘Excellent’ rating from ACECQA.
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A centre philosophy is the heart and soul of your service. It gives you, your educators and your families a clear understanding of what your centre stands for and believes in. Let’s explore why your centre needs a philosophy and what it will bring to your service.

Here’s why you should develop a centre philosophy

1. Refine your centre’s vision for everyone
As mentioned above, a philosophy can sharpen your vision. What are you striving to achieve together as a centre? Your philosophy will keep you in check.
2. Ensure educators work in harmony with centre philosophy
If you’re all working with a common goal, you will work together more effectively. A clear philosophy ensures everyone knows what their shared mission is and how they are expected to go about pursuing it.
3. Stand out as a centre
A strong, meaningful philosophy can help families understand what your centre is about and showcase to others what is important to you. Your philosophy becomes a part of your brand and helps you to stand out above the rest. (This has been incredibly true for Bonkers Beat).
4. Enrich your curriculum
Your philosophy isn’t just a piece of paper or some writing in a booklet. It can be actively embedded in your curriculum. The educational programs you choose should work with and enhance your philosophy.
Educators should not only support but enhance, and embrace the centre’s philosophy in everything they do, every day in every practice. And remember, your philosophy as a centre can grow and change with you.
If you’re serious about a meaningful centre philosophy, come along to see how we have developed a childcare centre philosophy that has enriched centres and the lives of educators, parents and children. Discover how the ‘7 Stones’ philosophy has enabled many centres to overcome challenges like occupancy, staff retention and lack of motivation.
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