Yoga for Children on World Yoga Day – Get Involved!

Yoga used to be thought of as alternative or new age, but in 2017 it is widely celebrated for its many benefits and practiced by many.
Life is busy and at times stressful for adults as well as children. Just like we use yoga to take care of our bodies and clear our heads, children can too. And the benefits are just as amazing.
The wellbeing side of our Bonkers Beat programs is something we really believe in. With World Yoga Day coming up on 21 June, what better time to revisit why we encourage yoga for children.  And why you should help children in your centre or home to do yoga too!

Yoga for Improved Strength and Flexibility

It’s an obvious one, but strength and flexibility are really important as children are growing. Those agile little bodies can benefit from stronger muscles and joints, as well as better coordination and balance. Yoga boosts energy and helps to ensure the body is functioning at its best, inside and out. This means fewer injuries and health issues!

Yoga for Confidence and Self-Esteem

Yoga can be done alone or in groups and gives all children the opportunity to explore what their bodies are capable of. It is challenging but not competitive and encourages a belief in themselves and a celebration of their bodies and minds so children can feel empowered and confident to face the day.

Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Management

The breathing exercises that accompany yoga poses help to lower the heart rate and calm the body and mind. Children are quick to learn the calming, soothing nature of yoga and can be encouraged to use the breathing techniques in stressful situations. Learning yoga for children is a great tool for parents and educators to calm children too.

Yoga for Better Focus

There is so much going on and children want to be involved in everything. Help children to learn to focus on the present with yoga. It teaches children to be mindful: taking in each breath and moving between each pose, going slowly and steadily towards their goals.

Yoga for Enhancing and Supporting Wellbeing

As educators and parents, children’s overall wellbeing is our priority, and that’s why children should do yoga – there is no doubt that yoga gives children the tools they need to feel happy and healthy.
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At Bonkers Beat we believe in the benefits of wellbeing practices for life for all children – we also see educators enjoying the benefits of yoga too! Learn more about our wellbeing program and the learning outcomes it delivers here. For more information about becoming a member of the Bonkers Beat Music & Wellbeing family, click here.

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