20 Ideas for Winter School Holiday Fun

Have the winter school holidays snuck up on you? Term 2 ends this Friday and if you haven’t planned anything, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered!

For some families the school holidays are a time to take a break from work, sleep in and enjoy having the school-age children at home. For other families it can be a juggle managing work while keeping children entertained and stimulated!

We’ve compiled 20 ideas for families to have fun over the Winter school holidays and we’ve covered all the bases. Indoors, outdoors, out and about, relaxation – you name it!

Often parents and carers find winter school holidays are the most challenging — there’s no long, lazy beach days for one thing. But winter has plenty to offer, so get out the calendar and start scheduling these activities into your diary.

  1. Art and craft – paper, glue, pencils, feathers, wool etc. Self-portraits can be fun. Or try making a letterbox for each family member and sending each other mail.
  2. Get dressed up and dance to music 
  3. Pick up a  book and get into role play as your favourite character. 
  4. Make something yummy to eat – sweet cupcakes or savoury pizza
  5. Build a fort/cubby under a table
  6. Clean out a room and discover some forgotten toys
  7. Have a picnic (real or pretend) in the backyard or at a nearby park or beach 
  8. Fly a kite (learn how to make a DIY kite here)
  9. Get gardening – weeding can be fun, or try planting some herbs and caring for them
  10. Create a scavenger hunt
  11. Play a ball game — with so many to choose from, develop gross motor skills while getting moving
  12. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood — maybe try to spot some wildlife
  13. Create an obstacle course at home, inside or outside. These are good ideas for inspiration!
  14. Go for a nature walk and try to spot some wildlife
  15. Pay a visit to the zoo 
  16. Get comfy and do meditation (some tips here)
  17. Stretch the body and relieve tension with some yoga
  18. Watch a movie – an old favourite or something new
  19. Tackle a jigsaw puzzle
  20. Play a boardgame

If you wish to engage your children, our educators do a wonderful job of reading stories, demonstrating yoga, doing crafts and more, visit Music Kinder at Home.

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