Practical Lockdown Ideas

Don’t go Bonkers! Practical Ideas for Lockdown with Children

If you’re located in a vast portion of Victoria, then you are probably aware that it’s back into lockdown for the next six weeks. 

Don’t worry – there’s no need to go BONKERS! We have many ideas to keep children (and parents) feeling calm and relaxed, as well as engaged and happy! If you’re in regional Victoria or interstate and not heading back into lockdown, then of course you can still enjoy these suggestions to support children’s wellbeing!

Stay calm and relaxed: Learning techniques to stay calm and relaxed even in stressful times are useful skills for adults and children alike. These techniques are pretty handy right now, when you may feel overwhelmed in the lockdown period (depending on your location). Meditation and yoga are incredible techniques for relaxation, helping us to be more mindful, focusing on the present moment and connecting with ourselves.

Head outdoors: Being outdoors is proven to calm the mind, improve mood, boost immunity and so much more. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a garden, the beach, a park area – anywhere that brings you closer to nature. You could even take your yoga out into the backyard!

Do smiley things: That is, things that make you all smile! When things feel tense or emotions are running high, a fun activity that is guaranteed to make everyone smile is what you need. Pop on a funny movie, play your favourite music, sing at the top of your lungs or try painting portraits of one another! Need more ideas? Take a look over here.

Online Support: The internet is a wonderful tool for when we can’t be physically close to others, so reach out and use it to support your family during this time. If you haven’t joined us over at Music Kinder at Home, make sure you do! Our lovely Facebook community provides support to families thanks to videos and content from our amazing educators. You’ll find yoga for children videos, story time, sustainability fun, craft ideas and so much more! Not to mention, you can connect with a bunch of other parents in the same boat!

All of these things are not only incredibly powerful tools for helping children to stay relaxed, engaged and stimulated during the lockdown period but can be hugely beneficial for adults too. In fact, embarking on some of these ideas together can bring you and your children closer together and even more capable of tackling life’s challenges.

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