Safe Winter School Holiday Fun

The school holidays are here and depending on your individual circumstances this could be a time for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, or a time for stressing about how to keep children busy while you keep up with work. Whatever your life commitments are, having a bunch of stimulating school holiday ideas for children is invaluable.

Often parents and carers find winter school holidays the most challenging, especially if you’re in one of the colder areas. With no sunny park dates and beach days, getting the most out of the holidays can be more difficult. Don’t worry — we have school holiday ideas for inside and outside, as well as ways to expend some energy and quiet activity for relaxation time.

With the Covid-19 pandemic remaining a health concern across the world, these ideas have been carefully selected to support staying home and maintaining social distancing measures. Don’t forget to keep washing those hands


  • Art and craft – paper, glue, pencils, feathers, wool etc. Self portraits can be fun. Or try making a letterbox for each family member and sending each other mail.
  • Get dressed up and dance to music or role play
  • Art and craft – paper, glue, pencils, feathers, wool etc. Self portraits can be fun!
  • Make something yummy to eat – sweet cupcakes or savoury pizza
  • Build a fort/cubby under a table
  • Do a room clean out and discover some forgotten toys


  • Have a picnic (real or pretend) in the backyard or at a nearby park or beach (make sure to avoid busy areas and stay 1.5 metres from others)
  • Fly a kite (learn how to make a DIY kite here)
  • Get gardening – weeding can be fun, or try planting some herbs and caring for them
  • Create a scavenger hunt
  • Go for a nature walk and try to spot some wildlife


  • Play a ball game — with so many to choose from, develop gross motor skills while getting moving
  • Go for a walk in your neighbourhood — maybe try to spot some wildlife
  • Create an obstacle course at home, inside or outside. These are good inspiration!
  • Go for a nature walk and try to spot some wildlife
  • A visit the zoo is allowed — just make sure you keep up that social distancing


  • Get comfy and do meditation (some tips here)
  • Stretch the body and relieve tension with some yoga
  • Watch a movie – an old favourite or something new
  • Tackle a jigsaw puzzle
  • Play a boardgame

With a little planning and some solid ideas like the ones we’ve suggested here, school holidays can be both manageable and FUN. If you need some interactive support with engaging your children, our educators do a wonderful job of reading stories, demonstrating yoga, craft and more in our group, Music Kinder at Home. Join us! Try our free resources for more support to maximise outcomes for your children:

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