Positive Affirmations (Printable)

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This poster is one of the most important and used Bonkers Beat resources. It was created to visually support the captivating story, ‘Bonkers and the Magical Orchestra’ from ‘Meditation with Bonkers the Monkey’ CD. Little monkey, Bonkers, climbs up a special musical ladder, he reaches a cloud and finds an orchestra. Eight keys on a poster represent eight musical notes and eight steps of a ladder. Each time Bonkers takes a step, he says a positive affirmation. 

This poster was designed to encourage children to breathe, stay positive, calm and learn to be in control of their emotions.



Positive thoughts create positive action, they can make us feel good and happy. Positive affirmations can be very beneficial as they help children to create positive beliefs in themselves. This poster can be used in different ways. When introduced for the first time, positive affirmations can be read out loud by parents or educators and children can repeat them after. As children get more familiar with the routine, they also are encouraged to create their own positive affirmations and say them out loud.

This poster can be used daily at home or at kinder as part of any Wellbeing routine.


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