‘Bonkers Beat & You’ Book (Coming Soon)

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This book is the companion to the ‘Bonkers Beat & You’ CD and is part of the Award – Winning Bonkers Beat Music Program which was selected for the School Readiness Funding Menu by the Department of Education and Training (Victoria).

Bonkers Beat Music Program puts music at the core of early childhood education. The program features music as a part of all lessons, including language development, literacy, numeracy and physical movement. It uses the approaches of Kodály and Orff.

‘Bonkers Beat & You’ Book is a compilation of selected soundtracks from ‘Bonkers Beat & Me’ Books Volumes 1, 2 & 3. The program was created to enhance children’s overall development through the power of music. This is the second edition of the book, which was inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and the belief that children use many languages to develop their understanding of the world. This unique and delightful resource helps children express their thoughts and ideas creatively. The book has 12 original songs, as well as provocations for thinking and possibilities for learning and open-ended questions for each song. 

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This resource is the perfect tool for early childhood practitioners to enhance their curriculum through music and arts.

The book contains original songs written by the founder of Bonkers Beat – Galina Zenin and is ideal for integrating singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments into any early childhood curriculum. The songs are simple, catchy, highly educational and are loved by adults and children.

‘Bonkers Beat & You’ is provided to all services who run Bonkers Beat Music Training Online (Silver Option).

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Publisher: Bonkers Beat Pty Ltd
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